Create users account in office 365 step by step

In this article, we will learn how to create users account in office 365. 

First, go to office 365 Admin center, Click on Add users


Fill require information like First name, Last name, Display name and username

Assign product license now or assign later

Fill addional information

Review and finish

Now users can login to with new username.


We can test send / receive email

Great! now we can create the users in office 365, If you wish to create more users in the same time.

We can create with batch users using CSV file. 

Click on add multiple users and download sample CSV file.

Fill your users information and make sure the domain name is correctly.

Import file CSV to office 365 and click Verify.


Now you can create multiple users in the same time.

For the next Article, we will learn how to create Group and what Group we should use in office 365. 




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